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Geoffrey Ahern is an organisational consultant who specialises in the implementation of environmental sustainability.

His environmental sustainability projects include research published in 2009 as ‘Thriving with Less. Implementing Environmental Sustainability in 10 Multinationals’ in Corporate Finance Review. He is a fellow of the Centre for Leadership Studies, Exeter University Business School, has worked for fifteen years as an executive coach (accredited through APECS and BACP), has a background as a sociologist of religion, and graduated from Oxford University.

Ahern's first book, Sun at Midnight: The Rudolf Steiner Movement and the Western Esoteric Tradition, was based on fieldwork undertaken for his PhD at the London School of Economics. With this 2009 release of Sun at Midnight: The Rudolf Steiner Movement and Gnosis in the West, 2nd edition, Ahern returns to update and expand upon the groundbreaking material which caused the original long out of print 1984 release to become the definitive classic text in the field.

While Ahern's ongoing publications in recent years reflect his current focus on the field of Executive Coaching, and the issues the corporate world faces in the quest for environmental sustainability, his earlier publication history clearly demonstrates his deeply rooted grounding in the sociology of religion, and his ongoing attention to the study of the interface between social institutions and divergent belief systems. Even a cursory examination of his published works reveals his equitable and even-handed approach to diverse beliefs, a hallmark of his writings in this genre.

Geoffrey Ahern is married to the artist Ivon Oates, whose artwork provides the cover image for the 2009 edition of Sun at Midnight: The Rudolf Steiner Movement and Gnosis in the West.

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